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Baseball Team Wrap for Iron Pigs

     What has now become a bi-annual event for the IDWraps team are the Ironpigs Toyota van wraps. This year, the Pigs chose to exhibit their BaconUSA branding with the baseball team wrap shown below on a brand new Toyota Sienna. This graphic look is to accompany their Bacon USA uniforms which are to be worn at every Saturday game in the near future. The new brand image is accompanied by many innovative bacon menu items available at the park such as: Deep fried bacon cheddar broccoli bites, Chocolate covered bacon, Candied maple bacon on a stick, and many other varieties. So, drop that low cal diet for one evening and check them out at:  IronpigsBaseball.com
Being that this van is supplied by Toyota and is replaced every two years; removability is key.  The premium 3M films we used on this project not only delivery a high quality finish and durability, but they are also the friendliest to remove. 3M has proven that many competing products may take in excess of 3x the labor to remove wrap films.  When installed on OEM paint finishes, 3M wraps come off clean every time- glue and all. In the event that your vehicle has been in an accident and repainted, some caution is to be exercised. Aftermarket paints rarely bond to the vehicle as well as the factory paints. This may cause an issue when a wrap is removed. We’ve seen paint come off vehicles more than once when removing a vehicle wrap. Wrap adhesive systems are designed to be applied and removed to factory paint. If you have an older repainted vehicle and wish to “drive it until it dies,” then removability and potential paint damage may be a non-issue.
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Here is the van pictured in the stadium where it takes a parade wrap at the beginning of every game.
BaconUSA Baseball Team Wrap
BaconUSA Baseball Team Wrap

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