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Ford Transit Wrap – Walnutport Door

Pictured below is a Ford Transit Wrap we recently completed for the folks at Walnutport Door Co.  Be sure to check them out at www.walnutportdoor.com. They came to the IDWraps.com 3M MCS certified team with a completely blank Ford Transit full size cargo van. Our nationally recognized design team sprung into action with a mix of photographic and vector artwork on all sides of the work van. Also wrapped is the front cowl area which is located right over the windshield. Especially on high top versions like this, it is very common for us to wrap this area. An omission of a cowl wrap creates the impression that something is missing from the full wrap graphics. On partial wraps, we nearly always include at least a spot logo on this area. We also saved our client some dollars by avoiding roof wrap coverage. Since the folks at Walnutport Door typically drive through mostly rural areas, there are not many prospects looking down from high buildings. On tall vehicles such as cargo vans, the roof is not easily seen unless the viewer is in a highly elevated position. Our city customers are sure to take advantage of roof wraps, as at any given moment, many prospects may be looking down on their Ford Transit Wrap.

As this van wrap has been on the street for a very limited amount of time; much positive feedback has been received regarding its welcoming warm color tones. Color strategy is a big aspect to consider when targeting specific markets. This business services both commercial and residential markets. Nonetheless, a neutral approach was sensible when designing this highly effective layout. All too often we witness vehicle wrap graphics that miss their mark. In the end, it’s not about making a ton of noise- it’s about drawing potential customers in and to make your phone ring:)

walnutport door ford transit wrap
3m vinyl ford transit wrap graphic

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