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Real Estate Wrap – Propertyseller.org Cube Van

Many real estate investors leverage little yard signs to spread the word. The folks at PropertySeller.org chose to use a 14ft box truck to make a big splash in attracting home sellers. Many “flippers” like to surf MLS and auctions to find the right deals. This company is leveraging the real estate wrap pictured below and is getting excellent results.  The ROI of this advertising is very high, as box trucks may be acquired at a relatively low price, sometimes for just a few thousand dollars. Add the cost of a typical wrap, and you have a highly effective billboard with an amortized cost of less than a few hundred dollars per month.  This is way cheaper than using roadside billboards which may cost thousands per month. It also could compare to the typical little yard signs that get seen momentarily, and then get tossed either by land owners or competitors. Yes, your competition may very well be steeling your signs!

Ownership is another value added to this strategy, as the term length of real estate wrap is typically 5 to 8 years. If you would divide your cost out over 60+ months, this essentially becomes a no brainer.

  1. Mobility is yet another advantage, as this van may be strategically placed in high traffic areas. Owners may place the vehicle in shopping centers for the day, or make an affordable deal with a local business owner. In the end, a real estate wrap may yield equal results to an expensive roadside billboard at a fraction of the cost. The average small town traffic light has 10,000 vehicles passing through daily, and city highways may have 30K to 60K+ daily traffic. It’s clear as to the level of exposure that is possible.

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