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Subaru Forester Wrap – Charity

IDWraps.com does a ton of wraps for businesses. It is always a great feeling to boost the visibility for great charities like Meals on Wheels. This Subaru Forester wrap pictured below exhibits a head turning modern design that is sure to spread awareness. This vehicle wrap was produced for the Monroe County regional Meals on Wheels chapter. Meals on wheels has over 5000 locations throughout America. Each location helps to distribute food to folks in need, especially seniors whom may have trouble getting out and about. This great organization provides a link between donorship and delivery of healthy aid to those in need. Each chapter offers unique services based on the needs of each specific community. Check them out at www.monroemeals.org

Also partnered in this wrap was Ertle Subaru, which is located in Stroudsburg PA. They provided the vehicle that the IDWraps.com team covered completely in premium 3M vinyl. The full wrap is key in these situations, as it provides paint protection for this new vehicle. When the vehicle is returned to the dealership, the wrap may be removed and like new paint is revealed. Many folks believe that you shouldn’t wrap a leased vehicle. The opposite is surely prevalent throughout the automotive industry. Leasing companies LOVE wraps. Anything that protects the condition of the vehicle exterior is surely an advantage to the leasing companies and dealerships. We’ve seen plenty of new vehicles wrapped, and then removed 100K miles later, only to show nearly new paint under the wrap. The Subaru Forester wrap is essentially an air tight car cover that is completely removable without damaging the paint. This is surely a win-win for everyone, whether you’re leasing or purchasing your vehicle. In the context of ownership, it sure is nice to get a big boost to resale values.

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Meals on Wheels Subaru Forester Wrap
Charity advertising with a Subaru Forester Wrap

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