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Contractor Wrap Graphics – Pinnacle Exteriors

A special thanks to the folks at Pinnacle Exteriors for choosing the 3m MCS Certified IDWraps.com team for their contractor wrap graphics project shown below. Their management worked with our nationally recognized professional design team on this super clean and upscale design. Doing a great deal of upscale work, Pinnacle chose to avoid an overly busy design (which happens to be a pet peeve of our designers.) Check them out at www.pinnacle-exteriors.com.  You see, our industry is plagued with graphic shops designing wraps that just have “too much going on.” This cluster of graphic overload is never a benefit to the recipient of the wrap graphics, as our prime rule is quite common sense. IF YOU CAN’T READ IT, WHAT GOOD IS IT.  That’s right……The more design elements and text you add to a design, the less likely it is to be read. We prefer to follow similar design rules that a billboard company would deploy. Eight words or less is best on each side of the vehicle. If you can’t read it in 2 to 3 seconds, the ad has likely failed.  The only exception to this rule is for largely static vehicles which may be parked for long periods in high pedestrian traffic areas.

Plenty of those reading this may think that these vehicles below are partially wrapped, when in fact these are full contractor wrap graphics applications. This customer opted for full vehicle paint protection, along with their graphics. When the wraps are removed in a few years, the paint will have been preserved which gives a large boost to resale value. This in and of itself has proven to pay for a large part of the wrap advertising investment. Nothing like another huge jump in ROI.

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3M vinyl contractor wrap graphics
Nissan NV200 Contractor Wrap Graphics – Pinnacle Exteriors
3M vinyl contractor wrap graphics
Dodge Ram Contractor Wrap Graphics – Pinnacle Exteriors

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