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Conference Room Wall Graphics- Elek Plumbing

There’s nothing exciting about the ordinary conference room. There usually plain white boxes where staffed is placed and expected to get excited about the upcoming agenda. This is not the case for the folks at William Elek Plumbing. Pictured below are custom conference room wall graphics that the IDWraps.com team produced on the latest HP latex printing technology. The latex ink is great for interior applications, as it doesn’t smell like a solvent saturated auto body shop for weeks after the installation is complete. Being water based, there are no harmful VOC’s emitting from the prints. 3M has shown studies that some solvent inks used predominantly in our industry could be emitting potentially harmful fumes for as much as to 30 days post installation.

In addition to the low VOC inks used, IDWraps.com is sure to select the proper film and adhesive system for wall installations. The graphic shown below is on a 6 mil, low tack adhesive film. Why low tac? Don’t we want it to stay put?  Of course we offer durable graphics. The key is to use and adhesive backed film that has enough “stickiness,” to be durable, but not too much. Overly aggressive wall films almost always ruin drywall (gypsum board) panels upon graphic removal. So when it’s time to update your wall graphics, you don’t want to be replacing wall panels which gets extremely expensive and time consuming. What happens is that the graphic adhesive strength is higher than the bond strength of the outer paper layer on the wall board. The result during graphic removal on aggressive adhesive films is a delamination, or separation of the paper layer. Oftentimes, the only fix to this problem is to completely replace the drywall panels (strip down to studs and install new panels.)

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Elek Plumbing Conference Room Wall Graphics

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