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Ford Transit Connect Wrap – Macc HVAC

Here’s a Ford Transit Connect wrap that is an excellent example of a quality vector design that was recently completed by the 3M certified IDWraps.com team. Vector is a word that gets thrown around alot in the design community. So what exactly is a vector graphic?

A vector graphic, in simple terms, is one that is composed of simple linework. This may be straight segmented lines, or curves. The other most common graphic type is raster, which is composed of pixels, or a bitmap. The raster is more of a photographic, or photoshop type image.  Vector graphics are surely the latest trend in graphic styles.  In the age where folks are waking up to the idea that the old photoshop “nephew” art is becoming out of style and less functional- vector is surfacing as a good choice. The vector files also produce nice clean lines and razor crisp text when graphics are blown up to large sizes. There sure is a difference between designing for small print items and large format graphics such as vehicle wrap like the Transit Connect wrap pictured below. These clean designs are proving to be much easier to read at distances, hence, way more effective as an advertising medium. This trend is not only present in high quality vehicle wraps, but also becoming prevelent in all sorts of advertising methods.   At least with the better wrap shops; gone are the days of unreadable graphics. This issue continues to plague the vehicle wrap industry, as crazy busy graphics are not what the best vehicle wrap solutions are all about. The good news is that the better, usually the 3M Certified, shops follow modern graphic design disciplines and science. So reach out to us for a highly effective head turning wrap solution!

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3M Vinyl Graphic  Ford Transit Connect Wrap
HVAC Company Ford Transit Connect Wrap

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