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Jeep Liberty Wrap – WAEB Radio

Pictured below is a good example of a quality before and after Jeep Liberty wrap project, seen with WAEB’s own Gunther Walsh. Our client and advertising partner, Iheart Radio, was looking for a fresh new look and to elevate their image. In rolled a Jeep Liberty SUV with a good number years on it, along with some tired graphics previously installed (see bottom picture.)   They originally had another local shop design and install partial spot graphics which didn’t stand out as much as management at the station would have liked. The focal point of the new Jeep Liberty wrap was to for a patriotic themed layout with clean vector line work. WAEB is the Lehigh Valley’s leading talk radio station, Gunther in the morning, along with nationally known commentators throughout the afternoons.

One issue with spot graphic installations, like the former application on this Jeep, is an industry term called Ghosting.  Ghosting is one big problem upon the resale of any vehicle with traditional lettering installed.  This issue is exhibited upon removal of lettering, where if the vinyl and adhesive is completely removed, there remains somewhat of a visual imprint of the formerly installed graphics. This is largely in effect caused by the vinyl insulating the painted surfaces from the elements. The area under the graphics may look good as new (if a high quality film was used by the graphic provider.) Good as new can be a problem, when the balance of the vehicle looks worn from years of wear and tear. The wear and tear is typically attributed to UV sun damage, road salt, acid rain, and various other contaminant and abrasives that may land on your vehicle’s finish. This creates a big contrast from the shiny areas where the lettering was installed and the balance of the vehicle, which may create big issues with the resale value of the vehicle.

Full vehicle wraps are an excellent alternative to lettering or spot graphic installations. The films are completely removable and actually protect the paint finish. Typically on these projects, all painted surfaces are wrapped in an air tight car cover. This shields the vehicle from nearly all the elements that causes paint fade and swirl marks. In the end, the difference in cost between lettering and a high end full wrap, may completely even out when your vehicle has like-new paint when it comes time to sell.

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Full 3M Jeep Liberty Wrap
Gunther Walsh at WAEB talk radio gets a Jeep Liberty Wrap


Here’s the before pic, showing the graphics we removed prior to applying the new wrap:

Before Jeep Liberty Wrap Pic

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