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Plumbing Van Wrap – MTCH Plumbing

Here is a Plumbing van wrap that the 3M MCS certified team designed, printed, and installed for the folks at MTCH Plumbing. They elected to go with a full wrap which covers essentially all visible surfaces on the pictured Ford Econoline standard length cargo van. While it may appear that the front of this van is uncovered, we advised that they wrap the white areas too. Since this design is so close to full coverage, there was minimal savings to be had should the white areas be cut out of the prints. The other benefit to leveraging a full wrap coverage strategy, is paint protection. When the day comes to turn this vehicle over for a new one, there will be fresh paint waiting for the new owner. Clearly this impacts the resale value on this van. With out a doubt, a used van that may have 150k miles on it and brand new looking paint will surely sell for a higher price. Usually used cargo vans are in a rather “beat down” condition. Typical units like this have dull, scratched paint. Also usually present is ghosting or residual adhesives left behind from old lettering. Most often, the ghosting and adhesives are permanent. This presents a tremendous burden on the new owner.

The good news for buyers of full vehicle wraps, is that they are cleanly removable -without damaging the paint. This protective “van cover” eliminates the possibility of ghosting, dull paint, and scratches. The result is a significant boost to resale value. So in the end, a van wrap may cost the same as a multi color traditional lettering job. Couple this with the high impact related to a plumbing van wrap, or any other business; there’s essentially unmatched value to be had for any business looking to be noticed in a big way.


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3M vinyl plumbing van wrap
E250 Plumbing Van Wrap – MTCH Pluming

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