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Sky Zone Wrap Dodge Challenger

Sometimes just having a super cool car just is not enough. Here is an excellent example of car graphics on this Sky Zone Wrap we recently completed for a new franchisee located in Lancaster. The folks at Sky Zone reached out to us to solve limited visibility issue they’ve been having with their location. This specific franchisee’s facility is located within an industrial park which has strict limitations on outdoor signage. The solution: “let’s wrap our car!”  This Dodge Challenger received a full M MCS certified car wrap, including the roof.  This sports car is now strategically parked near the entrance of the industrial park, where thousands of cars pass daily through the entrance- along with the road passing by. Not to mention, this tenant of the industrial complex is getting zero complaints from the property management nor from zoning officials.  Try this with any roadside sign or banner on your building.  Rare are businesses able to add signage without push back about zoning or property management rules.  Over the years we’ve heard countless situations where business owners were required to remove expensive signage as they were in violation of some sort of guideline.  We’ve also seen situations where wrapped vehicles which have broken down, are strategically parked, and still have no issues with the “rules.”  Not to say you can just drop your broken down wrapped box truck at the entrance of Lowes indefinitely;  You don’t want to be “that guy” who is dumping vehicles where they don’t belong.  It surely pays to own the property of which the vehicle is parked.  Another effective strategy is to rent a spot from a business on a busy highway.  It is always a good thing to have permission from the property owner.  No one likes getting towed or citations from the police.  This can make your low cost advertising campaign get costly in short order.

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car graphics wrap for Sky Zone
Car Graphics on Dodge Charger



Not to be limited to a static billboard, this vehicle does get around. The park manager drives and exhibits the vehicle at many public functions. At local scholastic sports events, it is often parked in high foot traffic areas, getting the attention of a few thousand potential customers. It also makes appearances at local parades, and anywhere there is potential for significant exposure.  In ways, this could be more effective than an expensive street side sign.  These types of signs may cost tens of thousands of dollars. The same advertising budget could easily be applied to a small fleet of vehicles. Each vehicle may garner thousands of impressions daily. When the cost of a vehicle wrap is amortized, the math comes to the $20 to $60 per month range. This is figured by the average wrap lifespan of 5 years.  There certainly not many advertising options that fall into this range.  Maybe it could be the small rental sign at the bowling alley restaurant?  Well- that option may not be the best choice. LOL. None that get thousands of daily prospect impressions.  Billboards are on a monthly basis, and it usually takes a month or two on one billboard to add up to the cost of a full vehicle wrap.  In our market, a decent billboard starts in the $1500 range monthly.  The good ones are in the $7000 per month range. Surely, the car wrap option is by far more economical.  By our calculation, 3M car wrapping may cost less than 3% the monthly cost of billboard advertising.  Likely the only less expensive outdoor advertising solution may be word of mouth. Unfortunately, in today’s marketplace, it is certainly difficult to survive exclusively on the reliance of folks “spreading the word around.”  We’ve found car graphics to make thousands of impressions every day. The National Institute of Outdoor advertising did a study in the suburbs of Chicago and found that a single wrap was garnering up to 30,000 daily impressions.  If you really think about it, an average small town traffic light may have roughly 10,000 vehicles passing through on a daily basis.  That surely is a lot of opportunity to make an impression.  If we are to dig a bit deeper; the quantity of impressions is not the sole factor in outdoor marketing success.  Really, nothing matters unless the massaging causes a conversion.  In the end, we’re all trying to close the sale, correct?  Gathering prospect data is essentially meaningless unless it ultimately leads to a sale.  Gaining one’s “sorta interest” is surely not enough.  Prospects are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every single day. So- what makes your massaging different?  How will you close the deal?  This is often a challenge for small businesses. What makes you unique?  Do you have a compelling reason for someone to call you, and not a competitor?  Perhaps it is time to fine tune that value proposition, or enhance the image of your business.  Our car graphics clients are often approached at the coffee shop or gas stations with project inquiries.  It sure is nice to stand next to an attention magnet and reel in fresh prospect leads.

For car graphics, it is the medium that adds a great deal of interest to the message.  In general, folks do naturally pay attention to cool looking vehicles.  This inclination is best leveraged with car graphics wrap.  With vehicle wrapping, an entire vehicle may be covered with strategic images and messaging.  No billboard will have this power of attraction.  A unique look, combined with strong contrast and focal point draws folks in.  A compelling design undoubtedly is memorable.  This retention of the advertisement is critical, especially when messaging is so easily forgotten in today’s world.  The quantity of impressions also counts.  It may often take some redundancy of advertising exposure to be memorable.  If folks are doing the same type of commute on a daily basis, this allows for that important repetition.  The more they are exposed to your advertising, the more likely the messaging will be retained.  There is a reason why you’ll hear the same national radio ad multiple times throughout the week.  Experts know that it can take up to 8 impressions to provoke an action from a suspect. It is no surprise that with our busy lives, we do need to be reminded multiple times.  Perhaps your service is not top of mind? Perhaps there is no immediate need for your goods and services?  It is good to have the repetition factor in play for when that buying opportunity moment occurs.  Think of it like post card marketing.  Any marketing professional would advise against sending a single post card mailing to any group of prospects.  The minimum frequency is often said to be a minimum of 3 mailings.  Considering this example, it is easy to see that even when the marketing piece is physically in someone’s hands- a single impression will not cut it.  Take a look at your own daily travel experiences.  How many advertisements can you recall that you’ve seen for the first time today?  Likely you recall the ones you’ve seen on a daily basis.  Once and done is really not the solution when it comes to advertising.  Effective car graphics give you the ability to generate almost unlimited impressions.

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