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B104 Van Wrap

The gang at B104 is now rolling proudly with the Ford van wrap face lift pictured below. The before and after pics say it all, as the IDWraps design manager, Nikki Humenik, turned this design up to 11 (80’s movie reference.)  Our latest generation HP latex printers turned out a super visible magenta finish. There was actually a little tweeking on the machine to hit this bright color target, along with a special machine selection of one of our (3) 8ft wide printing machines.  Our design and print team are so close to their equipment that a specific machine is selected for each job. While some may share an exact model number, they all print a little differently.

The technical term for our quality control on color is color management. IDWraps has all the tools for the highest levels of color management, including $6k software that allows us to accurately target printable colors.  All 3 of our HP printers actually have cameras built in that constantly monitor color as jobs are being printed. Adjustments to color are made 1000’s of times every day by this sophisticated system. Keeping these machines running at a high level involves a lengthy learning curve and extremely tech savy staff. Luckily, we’ve been running HP latex printers so long, printing has become second nature to us. We have dug in so deep with the technology that we could easily offer professional tech support to other print shops.

Aside from additional potentially boring tech talk, our customers can know that no one cares about color more than us.  Simply hand us a color sample, or a business card with your favorite shade of r and we do the rest.


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