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Home Care Wrap – Lehigh Valley Therapy

Pictured below is a home care wrap we recently completed for Lehigh Valley Therapy. This application on a very common type of vehicle (Ford Focus) is an excellent example of a very affordable partial wrap. This design strategy involved wrapping only the two doors, which is an excellent billboard area for this company’s clean looking branding. Partial wraps have become an excellent alternative for businesses that may have less than a full wrap budget. While a partial wrap may not quite pack the marketing punch of a full vehicle wrap, they are an excellent solution when you need to garner thousands of impressions on a daily basis.

One key element in designing partial wraps is vehicle integration. The design must flow well with the body lines and fit the vehicle well. The IDWraps.com team often gets requests to “just wrap the doors.” While economical, this strategy lends itself to almost a square “bumper sticker” look on the side of the vehicle. It truly looks like you just stuck an awkward ad on the side of the vehicle. The home care wrap shown below represents a well executed shaping strategy for the vinyl graphics. The leading and trailing edges are terminated with clean and visually pleasing curved stripes. Notice how the graphic does not just terminate at the door edges on this white car.

Another aspect of this wrap that brings the cost down, is that the vinyl is installed on largely flat surfaces. This makes the install go quicker, which lowers labor costs on the project. We often find ourselves seeking out the most efficient areas on vehicle to 3M Vinyl wrap, so our clients get the absolute best bang for their buck.  Some of the more pricier areas on most vehicles would be bumpers. Bumpers are time consuming to wrap, and sometimes don’t offer the best canvas for messaging. Nonetheless, bumper wraps are usually the first area we look to skip when working to save our clients some dollars.

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