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IT Company Wrap – Dataworks F350

Sometimes keeping things simple can take a business image to a higher level. Here is an IT company wrap that the 3M Certified IDWraps.com team completed for the folks at Data Works International. Most folks are accustomed to witnessing “loud” and over the top graphics on vehicle wraps out on the street. At IDWraps.com, we’ve found that approach to be effective for only monster truck shows and maybe extreme sports.  Ever seen that wrap for a landscaping business that is en-robed in flames and sculls?  It is a rarity that just looking cool in front of your buddies is also going to drive customer leads effectively.  What are prospects thinking when they first notice the flames and hard core noise on this vehicle?  Even worse yet, how does the female landscaping buyer feel about letting these “bandits” near her home or kids?  Clearly, this specific landscaper has no clue how to effectively convey a value proposition.  A quality wrap provider would have done him a favor, as an expert marketer.  Steering some clients away from ineffective ideas is part of the job, and the responsibility of any professional looking to make their clients successful.  Poorly targeted graphics do a disservice not only to the business owner, but also to the graphic shop.  The best wrap providers take enormous pride in what is put out on the street.

Don’t get me wrong, as IDWraps.com is not about imposing tyrannical design discipline down our clients gullets. We certainly do recognize that client is surely the boss throughout the process.  However, it is a great idea to listen to a professional opinion.  A orthodontist, for example, may have a doctorate degree in medicine, but has not studied marketing and design extensively.  The hurdle for our design team to overcome is to get the client to not visualize a design directed at selling exclusively to themselves.  Selling ourselves is so easy, right?  The problem is that the business owner is wearing many hats, thus “stuck” inside the business.  This isolation often insulates them from the view points of prospective buyers. The solution is to openly consult an expert, or better yet- do a customer survey.  No one will tell you how to effectively market better than your buying customers.  These are the folks that we’re marketing to, and not ourselves right?

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dataworks it company wrap
Ford F350 3M IT Company Wrap

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