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Debunking the Paid to Drive Wrap Myth

“Wrap your car and get paid to advertise.” While this may sound very attractive to any commuter looking for extra income, but the truth is that in many markets, paid to drive wraps are very uncommon. At IDWraps, we commonly field several paid to drive leads every day. These calls usually originate from a website, email, or Youtube video which attempt to demonstrate folks making an extra $400 per month by wrapping their car with various advertising campaigns. While it sounds sensational, most of these offers are outright scams. One version of this internet scam is where a scammer will mail a victim a fake check and then ask them to wire transfer money to an account to “pay for the wrap”. The scammers receive the money they transfer, and the fraudulent check they wrote you bounces when the victim attempts to deposit it.

Whether the example below is legitimate or not- be aware that there are scams on the web.

Paid to Drive Wrap Myth

While the scams are abundant, there are legit companies offering real paid to drive wrap programs. One example is Wrapify.com. This company is the leader in this market segment. IDWraps is an sole authorized installer for Wrapify, and we can testify that the Lehigh Valley area. We can speak with confidence that the smaller markets are not being presented with any paid to drive programs. Companies such as Wrapify are being utilized mostly in heavily populated markets such as NYC, Los Angeles, and other major metropolitan areas. The reality is that if advertisers are going to invest; they will opt for the markets with the greatest potential impressions on their advertising. If you live and commute within a suburban area, you are likely not an attractive candidate in the eyes of an advertiser. Nonetheless, things can change. Hopefully one day in the future, paid to drive wrap situations will be a real thing in all markets. After all, we’re always up for installing wraps on more vehicles.

If you own a business and would like to advertise. Reach out to us today at IDWraps.com for your free quote. Sorry that IDWraps does not offer any paid to drive programs.

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