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Your Guide to Fleet Design in 2020

While vehicle advertising wraps have emerged as a key marketing medium for businesses large and small, the verdict is still out on the most effective way to customize your fleet. Do you use one wrap design for all your vehicles? Should your compact cars have a different design than your box trucks? What about using a different (but complementary) design on each vehicle for a unique and modern twist? While there is no “one size fits all” solution to this question, we’re here to help you figure out the best way to stylize your fleet.

Option 1: Consistent Fleet Designs

The long-standing norm for fleet graphics is to use one design across your entire fleet. This method of fleet advertising can be used for everything from small decals and lettering to full commercial wraps. Using one design on all of your vehicles will boost brand recognition and make your company instantly identifiable, even on the busiest roads. The key to this method is to make sure your single design truly represents your business. Whether you use images that speak to the nature of your business, include a list of your services, incorporate a catchy tagline, or do a bit of everything, it’s key to ensure your single wrap design really drives the point home.

Option 2: Slight Variation Between Vehicles

Another option for fleet customization is to use different variations of your wrap design on different vehicle styles. This could mean doing a full wrap on a truck, but partial coverage on a sedan. Or, you could emphasize certain design elements on different vehicles across your fleet. To maintain cohesive branding, it is best to incorporate consistent design elements on all your wrap designs. While your logo and colors should carry through all your designs, adjusting placement and scale can transform the look of the wrap. The key to branding an effective fleet with this method is to keep your design elements uniform across the board. It can be easy to go overboard with design variations, so remember to tailor these changes to make the most impact on every type of vehicle in your fleet. See some examples of this design method in the gallery below!

Option 3: Complementary Fleet Designs

The final option for fleet branding takes a very modern approach. Going beyond slight design variations, this method uses different wrap designs to speak to different aspects of your business. This method is ideal for established businesses that already have solid brand recognition in their service area. We do caution new businesses to generally avoid this method at first, as it can cause confusion in the critical early stages of your business. Well known businesses can utilize this fleet advertising method to differentiate their different services. For example, an HVAC company could have three different designs incorporated into their fleets: one for heating, one for ventilation, and one for air conditioning. All three designs would have some consistency, but they would be tailored to advertise one particular aspect of the company.

It’s important to make sure that key branding elements, like logos, are given space to shine when using complementary wrap designs. Remember, you don’t want to segment your branding with this method! The goal of this fleet branding method is to draw attention to all aspects of your business. Make sure to use complementary colors on your wraps to keep a cohesive look! Check out some examples below.

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