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Shopper Chopper Back in Action!

In 2014 we had the pleasure of wrapping the trailer of the infamous Shopper Chopper for the premiere of the movie Bad Grandpa. Now, over 6 years later, IDWraps and Shopper Chopper join forces once again. This time, we are promoting the revival of an ABC classic, Supermarket Sweep.

Shopper Chopper Bad Grandpa Trailer NYC 3M Vinyl MCS Trailer Wrap
The Shopper Chopper’s Bad Grandpa treatment, circa 2014!

For anyone unfamiliar with Shopper Chopper, let me give you some background. The Chopper is a ten-foot tall motorized shopping cart that was first created to promote a family-owned grocery store, but quickly turned into a marketing phenomena. Oh, and did I mention it’s street legal? Yes, you heard that right. A ten-foot tall, motorized, street legal shopping cart. The Chopper has become an in-demand marketing tool for businesses nationwide, and it’s easy to understand why!

The Shopper Chopper has been featured in national parades, mobile billboards, and even large television commercial ad campaigns! Learn more about the Shopper Chopper on their website or Facebook! While being the center of attention is nothing new for the Chopper team, all eyes were on them at the Supermarket Sweep events that *swept* the country this past weekend. Not only was the trailer wrap bold, bright, and eye-catching, the Chopper was fully decked out for the event.

Supermarket Sweep

The original Supermarket Sweep aired on ABC from 1965 to 1967. Lifetime rebooted the series in the 90’s and early 00’s. Now, the TV classic is returning to it’s ABC roots for it’s 2020 revival, hosted by Leslie Jones. Supermarket Sweep is an iconic piece of television history, so The Chopper needed a wrap treatment to match.

The Shopper Chopper team pulled out the big guns for this event, going beyond their normal decals. The Chopper had the standard 3 sided decals done up in Supermarket Sweep style. However, the fully functional TV mounted to the side was the most impressive feature! So to recount, we are looking at a 10 foot tall, motorized, street legal shopping cart WITH a television set.

The Shopper Chopper went “on tour” with ABC from Philadelphia to NYC, Washington DC to Atlanta to Houston, and finally ended up in sunny LA for the premiere on October 18th. Check out our social media video from this trailer wrap below!


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