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2020 Advertising Vehicle Wrap Trends

While vehicle wraps have recently cemented themselves as a way to transform personal vehicles into dream cars, they are still one of the most effective outdoor advertising mediums. Vehicle advertising has grown since the early days of print and cut lettering, and the wrap industry is now at the forefront of modern marketing. Despite the shift to digital marketing, advertising wraps cut through the clutter and make your advertising stand out from the competition. Like any advertising medium, vehicle wraps require designers on the cutting edge of their field to create effective designs to drive your sales. To keep the guesswork out of your wrap design, IDWraps is ranking the top vehicle advertising wrap trends of 2020.

Mixing Finishes

One of the simplest ways to up your wrap game is to play with finishes! Matte vinyl films are taking the color change wrap market by storm, but this finish can also be incorporated into advertising wraps for a modern twist. IDWraps offers protective overlaminate in both gloss and matte finishes which can add contrast to your wrap design. Choose a fresh matte finish for your base wrap, then utilize the high gloss laminate on your logos to make them POP.

Or, you can add some pizzazz to your wrap by incorporating reflective accents using 3M’s new printable reflective vehicle film. In the daytime, the reflective film has an almost shimmery finish, but is highly reflective once the sun goes down. Reflective film will also increase the reach of your vehicle advertising by making it stand out even on the darkest days. Go for the wrap advertising trend trifecta and try utilizing all three finishes in your design for maximum impact! This definitely is one of the advertising wrap trends that is here to stay, so don’t be afraid to play with different finishes.

Make it Personal

Our highly connected culture means its more important than ever before to make your brand stand out from the competition. The best way to do that is to determine your company’s “secret sauce”. What do you offer your clients that your competitors just can’t match? What takes your business a step above the rest? It’s no longer enough to situate yourself as just another brand, your competitive edge needs to be front and center in all your advertising.

Unique taglines are a fantastic way to incorporate your competitive advantage into your advertising wrap. Our design staff has the skills to take your “secret sauce” and turn it into an effective tagline for your business. This adds a personal touch to your wrap, while also giving potential customers something to remember you by. We don’t remember every advertising wrap we drive past, but smart and quippy taglines always make a strong and lasting impression.

This short tagline from Holencik Exteriors gives a personal touch to their wrap design.

Full Wraps

The next trend is full coverage wraps. While full vehicle wraps are nothing new, their popularity has grown in recent years. With vehicle advertising becoming a key marketing tool, businesses must take advantage of all available ad space on a vehicle. While 1/2 and 3/4 wraps effectively turn your regular car into a company vehicle, the end result is less impactful advertising.

Take full advantage of your moving billboard with a full wrap! Full wraps also open up design opportunities that you just can’t get with a partial wrap. For example, partial wrap designs look best on a flat white or black vehicle. Other paint colors will limit the color palette of a partial wrap design (there is nothing worse than color clash!). With a full wrap, you are not constrained by the current paint color on your vehicle. IDWraps only uses high quality wrap films that offer 100% coverage, so even the brightest paint colors will disappear.

Add Texture

We are winding down our list of 2020 vehicle advertising wrap trends with a new favorite at IDWraps: embossed vinyl! This is a technique we used on our own company van, and we truly love the effect it gives. The end result may look complicated, but this technique is as simple as placing pre-cut vinyl shapes under the advertising wrap. This is a cost-effective way to add flair to your wrap, especially if you are a fan of simple designs.

IDWraps incorporated texture in our company van through this embossed diamond pattern.

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