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Jeneral Entertainment Custom Trailer Wrap

At IDWraps, we pride ourselves on making our client’s advertising dreams become reality. We take time to help our clients nail down their vision for their custom vehicle or trailer wrap. From selecting a design style to perfecting fonts and logo placement, our team of highly qualified designers are trained to create a wrap that is a reflection of your brand. Our revolutionary Design Profile is just one of the tools our designers use to determine your business’s “secret sauce” that separates you from your competition.

While most of our clients use our design services to fine tune their vision, we do occasionally have clients who bring us their own design for their wrap. Sometimes they’re large companies with marketing teams that prepare the artwork for us to format, print, and install. Other times clients create a simple mockup for us (pictures are worth a thousand words right? ) as a basis for their design.

Print Ready? You Bet!

In rare cases, we will receive a fully fleshed out design from our client that is properly fitted to their vehicle and ready to print. Jeneral Entertainment is one of those clients. AJ, the owner of Jeneral Entertainment, took it upon himself to make his vision for his custom trailer wrap a reality.

While AJ may not be a designer by trade, he is certainly a technical jack of all trades. Jeneral Entertainment is an all-inclusive DJ, sound, video, and lighting service for weddings and other events. Being in this line of work, AJ has developed an keen eye for design and a technical aptitude for advanced computer software.

Check out our Instagram video featuring AJ’s custom trailer wrap, and keep reading for more pictures!

Custom Trailer Wrap Design

AJ created a bold and eye-catching design that highlighted his modern style. First, he blacked out the chrome on the trailer before his installation, which helped the vivid smoke effect really pop! He emphasized his skills as a DJ and sound engineer by placing a large microphone all over the trailer.

A common error we find in client-designed wrap layouts is low quality images. Picture resolution can make or break a wrap design, so it’s key to seek out high resolution images. This is no small undertaking, so make sure you really are up to the challenge before trying to design your wrap.

While our trailer wrap for Jeneral Entertainment went smooth from start to finish, it should be emphasized that this is NOT typical. Even designs we receive from professional marketing teams often need refining before they are ready to print. We recommend leaving design to our team of highly trained professionals unless you have significant design experience yourself. IDWraps offers comprehensive design tools to help focus your advertising every step of the way. To learn more about our vehicle wrap and custom design services, request your FREE quote here today!

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