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Is a Wrap Right for You?

Vehicle advertising wraps have situated themselves as an effective, and affordable, long term advertising solution. Not only are wrap designs highly customizable, there is a large variety of different coverage levels available. This means that there is a vehicle wrap solution for almost any budget! Whether you are a brand new small business or an established franchise, a custom vehicle advertising wrap is within reach. Keep reading for our industry tips to determine if a wrap is right for you!

Beyond the Budget

While a vehicle wrap can work for any budget, wrapping isn’t always the best solution for your needs. Check out our list below to help you when asking, “is a wrap right for me?” Many people think every wrap installation is the same, but there are many factors to consider before wrapping your vehicle.

  • Paint Condition: Vehicle wrap films are created to adhere to manufacturers paint. If your vehicle has been repainted, or if your original paint is in poor condition, a wrap is likely not the best solution for you. Imperfections in the paint will show through your wrap, and certain finishes can even emphasize those problem areas!  
  • Overall Body Condition: Along the same lines as your paint condition, it is also important that your vehicle is free of any major dents, scratches, or rust spots. Installing vinyl wraps over damaged surfaces will typically result in a subpar result, and will always void any manufacturers warranties on your vinyl.  
  • Exposure to the Elements: This is a consideration that many people overlook, but it makes a huge difference! Exposure to direct sunlight, heavy rain, hail, and other natural elements can impact the longevity of your wrap. We have found that vehicles stored in a garage will have wraps that last longer and resist fading. Remember, you will get out of your wrap the same care you put into it, so make sure that you are willing to commit to the proper care before investing in a vehicle wrap. 
Avoid wrap fails like this by protecting your marketing investment from the elements!
Avoid wrap fails like this by protecting your marketing investment from the elements!

Vehicle Wrap Checklist

We know that the vehicle wrap industry isn’t easy to navigate, so we complied a checklist to help you determine if wrapping is right for you!

  1. I am looking for years of advertising space that will reach my local target markets, without breaking the bank.
  2. I want to have control over my advertising messaging, branding, and logos.
  3. My company vehicle has good quality body and paint condition.
  4. I want to explore different marketing channels for my business, but don’t know where to start.
  5. I am motivated to treat my wrap as an extension of my business, and will be able to give it the care it needs to stand out for years!

If you answered YES to those questions, it seems like you are ready to get wrapping! Reach out to us here to request your free vehicle advertising wrap quote from IDWraps today!

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Lets Get Wrapping!