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Service Spotlight: Vehicle Wrap Spa

Nothing looks better than a freshly installed advertising wrap, but sometimes it can be tough to keep it looking brand new. Years of harsh sun, stone chips, bug splatters, and regular wear and tear can take their toll on your wrap. As a key piece of advertising for your small business, a less than stellar wrap can negatively impact the way potential clients view you. Proper wrap care will help keep your wrap fresh, but sometimes your vehicle needs some pampering to return it to its original glory. To meet this need, IDWraps is now offering a Vehicle Wrap Spa service!  

What’s a Wrap Spa?

Our Wrap Spa is a one-day service designed to give your vehicle the TLC it deserves! Wrap spas are performed by our highly qualified team of installers, so you know your wrap is getting the attention to detail you’ve come to expect from IDWraps.  

Pictures of a vehicle before and after our wrap spa treatment.
Our Wrap Spa service revived this old wrap, making it look brand new again!

The Process

Your Wrap Spa starts off with a hand washing, which removes the first layer of debris from the vehicle. This step takes care of stains from bug splatter, bird droppings, and other day-to-day nuisances. This also provides our installers with a clean slate for the rest of the spa services.  

Next, our installers will steam clean your vehicle. This step will further loosen up any deep stains on your wrap that may have built up over time. Another benefit of the steam clean is that it restores a high shine finish to glossy wraps. Most importantly, the steam clean step minimizes water marks on your vehicle, which helps it look brand new!  

Next, our installers will examine your vehicle for any minor abrasions on your wrap. If we find any imperfections, we will use a special polish designed to minimize their appearance. **Please note that wrap spa services do NOT include wrap removal/replacement for damaged panels. We will not repair any damaged wraps during a wrap spa service.**  

We will perform a flame polish on your entire vehicle after touching up any minor imperfections on your wrap. The flame polish will add intense shine to your wrap, and make it look brand new!

The finishing touch for our vehicle wrap spa is a deep wheel clean. While wheels are not typically included in a vehicle wrap, they are likely the dirtiest areas on your vehicle. Brake dust and dirt build up quickly on your wheels, so we take care to ensure that your wheels are looking just as clean as your wrap!  

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