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Camo Car Wrap with a Twist

It’s not every day that a personal restyle project stops us in our tracks! We wrap hundreds of vehicles every year, so you know we have a unique project when even our installation team is blown away by the final product.  Camo car wraps are a tried and true design, but this client wanted something a bit more unique!

For starters, this 2010 Dodge Charger is actually a decommissioned police car! Our client is a traffic cop turned school security officer who wanted to update his old car, and ID Wraps DEFINITELY met his expectations! When he first started brainstorming the wrap with our design team, he wasn’t sure exactly what direction he wanted to go. He knew he didn’t want anything over the top, since he plans to use this Charger for a future business venture and didn’t want the pattern on his wrap to distract from his future branding. 

Our designer Charleen was up to the challenge and created a black and dark gray custom camo pattern. Charleen kept the design subtle with a monotone color palette and a large scale to the camo pattern. In the right light, the grays and blacks stand out beautifully, and it pulls deep gray in the shade.  

2010 Charger Camo Car Wrap Gallery

The finish of this wrap also set it apart from other projects we’ve done. Most wraps (both personal and advertising) have a glossy, high shine finish. Our client wanted to keep his design subtle, so he opted for a satin finish. Not as flat as matte, but not as bold as gloss, the stain finish has a soft sheen. 

If the killer camo car wrap wasn’t cool enough for you, remember that this Charger still has the classic features of a police vehicle! In the pictures above, you can see that the alley light is still attached on the driver’s side door. The finishing touch for this project is the push bar, which the client removed for installation.  

Stay tuned for updates on this project! Our client is starting a new business soon, and this sick camo car will become his company vehicle!  

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