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Advertising in the Age of COVID-19

Navigating Our “New Normal”

You don’t need us to tell you that the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted our conception of normal. We are facing a “new normal”, although the terms and conditions of our new normal are still not clear, we know that adaptability will become a key to success, whether it’s updating your business model to allow employees to work from home, or adapting your advertising to be effective during COVID-19. IDWraps was not immune to the hardships that many small businesses faced in these past five months. We saw firsthand the delicate balance that must be kept to ensure the safety of your employees and customers, while also keeping profits up.  

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For small business owners (like many of IDWrap’s clients), the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown were more than a public health crisis. For many, it became a financial crisis, a business sustainability crisis, even a housing crisis. While it can be a scary time to own a business, trends show that business, and particularly advertising, are on the up again. At a time when many companies are freezing advertising budgets, we have some tips on how to maximize your advertising budget during COVID-19.

Effective Advertising During COVID-19

In today’s digital age, social media marketing is a no-brainer. Social media advertising has become even more important in the age of COVID, with engagement increasing by about 61% during the shutdown [source]. Now more than ever, interacting with your customers digitally is the key to building lasting relationships with your markets. Use this time to refresh current social media campaigns so they fit with new consumer needs. Don’t exploit the virus, but make sure you address the steps you are taking as a business to help.

This image features Times Square in New York City. Once the epicenter for Out of Home advertising, how will COVID-19 shape its future?
Will Times Square still reign supreme in the era of COVID-19?

While it is clear that social media marketing in a must during COVID-19, not every medium is proving effective in our “new normal”.  Advertising trends show that traditional outdoor advertising methods, like bus ads and billboards, are declining due to stay at home orders and concerns about the safety of public transportation. So, we predict vehicle advertising wraps becoming an even greater out of home advertising option for large and small businesses alike. No other medium offers the same level of customization as vehicle wraps, which transform your company vehicles into moving billboards that can get thousands of impressions daily. Not only do vehicle advertising wraps drive brand recognition, they can easily be added in your social media marketing efforts to effectively reach customers that are still quarantining or working from home.  

If you are interested in learning more about how to make your advertising dollars go further, reach out to us for a custom vehicle advertising wrap quote. We wish you all the best in your advertising during COVID-19, and hope you are staying safe and healthy as we begin to navigate our “new normal” together.  

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