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Vehicle Wrap Benefits

We all know that vehicle wraps look amazing and can be a key advertising tool, but have you ever thought about the other benefits that come from vehicle wraps? In this post, we’ll walk you through some vehicle wrap benefits, and offer some industry insights to help you get the most out of your wrap.

What is a vehicle wrap?

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? IDWraps specializes in creating unique, high quality, and eye-catching custom vehicle advertising wraps. Our in- house design team can turn your vehicle into a moving billboard that can generate thousands of potential leads! Our vehicle wraps are printed on quality 3M vinyl vehicle film using cutting edge printing technology to ensure that your graphics pack a punch! Vehicle wraps aren’t just for advertising either. While IDWraps focuses on vehicle advertising, there are several color change wrap films that can completely transform your car! Available in a slew of colors and finishes, almost any car dream can become a reality with a vehicle wrap!

Custom Van Halen inspired 3M vinyl wrap on a BMW 320i
320i BMW Custom Vinyl Wrap demonstration by IDWraps.com

Wrap Benefits Explained

Beyond being a unique marketing medium, vehicle wraps offer many other benefits to a wide variety of consumers. One big benefit of wrapping a vehicle is the flexibility. There is a wrap solution for businesses big and small! You can choose a full vehicle wrap to utilize advertising space on your entire vehicle, or choose some simple spot graphics to make your company car look legit.

Car lovers can treat their car to a paint protection wrap, a new advancement to wrapping technology designed to protect fresh paint from rock chips and other nuisances. Consumers can also refresh their vehicle with a surface color change, or get their vehicle car show ready with a deep wrap.

Why Choose a Wrap?

Both the business buyer and the pleasure buyer will be able to reap benefits from their high quality vehicle wrap. But the benefits go beyond aesthetics.

  • Vehicle Protection: One of the most often overlooked benefits of a vehicle wrap is that it actually can protect your vehicle from daily wear and tear. Even though vehicle wrap vinyl is only a few millimeters thick, it can protect your paint from the elements, bug splatter, paint damage, and more! This makes vehicle wraps a great choice for leased vehicles! Not only does it keep your car looking cool, it can save you some money at trade in!
  • Fully removable: Vehicle wraps that are properly installed by professionals are fully removable! While most vehicle wrap films last at least 5 years, you can remove them as often as you need. This offers a level of freedom to both businesses and consumers that paint could never match! It is so easy to switch up your old logos, or update your wrap to a fresh new color!

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