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Personal VS. Commercial Color Change Wraps

Color change wraps are the hot ticket item for personal vehicle restyles, but did you know they can also be done on commercial vehicles? It’s a slightly different process, but the results are truly amazing! Keep reading to learn more about the difference between a personal and commercial color change, and see some IDwraps examples!

Personal Color Change

A typical color change wrap is done on a personal vehicle using specialty films from 3M or Avery Dennison that are manufactured in nearly every color and finish imaginable. It is more common to see “deep recess” inlays on personal color change wraps. This is done to prevent any of the original paint color from peeking through in areas such as door jams. Some high end color change wraps will even wrap inside the trunk for a truly seamless finish! We’ve done our fair share of personal color change wraps at IDwraps, including this wrap on a BMW 328i. However, we really shine when it comes to commercial color change wraps.

Commercial Color Change

There are two ways to approach commercial color changes. First, you can use the specialty films we discussed above paired with overlay graphics. We used that method on this Sprinter van for Culligan Water.

Commercial color change for Culligan Water

We used 3M’s Cosmic Blue metallic color change film for this, and added some simple white overlays to include the standard information for an advertising wrap.

Our second method for commercial color changes uses printable vinyl, which is more common. We will use this method when a customer has a vehicle that clashes with their brand colors (for example, a green car but branding that is blue and white). For this method, we essentially install a standard advertising wrap, but cover more of the vehicle. Standard advertising wraps exclude areas like the roof, door handles, and mirrors. To do a commercial color change wrap using printed film, we simply wrap all exterior surfaces on the vehicle.

A great example of the method is this Chevy Sonic we wrapped for DM2 Security. This vehicle was red we got our hands on it, but you’d never know by looking at the end result!

Commercial color change for DM2 Security

Don’t think you’re limited to certain color palettes just so you don’t clash with your vehicle color! IDWraps is here to help you make the most out of your vehicle advertising wrap, and offer tons of solutions to make your dreams a reality! Request for your FREE wrap quote here!

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