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diamond blue


Desk Wrap Refresh

We took advantage of this snowy week to refresh our desk wrap! The wrap on our front office desk still looked great after many years, but featured some older branding, so our designer Jenn gave it a whole new look! She highlighted our modern typographic logo, and added some pops of cyan and yellow to really make it stand out!

Fixture wraps, like this desk wrap, are a great way to add some branding to your office space. Subtle additions to your office help legitimize your brand, and also visually reinforce key brand messaging to your customers. We can create and install custom graphics for surfaces like walls, windows, and even floors with our wide selection of specialty films.

One of the best features of our fixture and architectural wraps is that they are completely removable! The old wrap on our desk was removed and reinstalled in a matter of minutes. Our wall and window films can be removed and updated just as easily. Whether you are looking to rebrand, or moving office spaces, you can rest easy knowing your graphics will remove cleanly with no nasty adhesive residue.

Check out our gallery below for some examples of architectural and fixture wraps we’ve done over the years! There really is no limit to the types of projects we can do with vinyl film and a dash of creativity!

While we specialize in vehicle wraps, we love doing architectural wraps! We have experience transforming walls, windows, home appliances and more! Looking to spice up your blank surfaces? Request your FREE quote today!

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