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Junkluggers Wrap: Saving The World, One Lug at a Time

Every wrap we create is always special to us, but sometimes we have the pleasure of working with a company that is dedicated to more than just their bottom line. The wrap we did for The Junkluggers is one of those extra-special projects.

The Junkluggers started as a college student’s side hustle, and quickly grew into a national franchise with an eco-friendly focus. Their mission is simple: To make a positive impact on the world. The Junkluggers achieve this by going one step further than their competition. They don’t just lug the junk. They donate it. They repurpose it (with help from their sister company, Remix Market). When all else fails, they dissemble it in order to recycle it in an efficient and sustainable way. The old saying goes “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and The Junkluggers unique business model proves that the old cliché still rings true. This type of sustainable solution is obviously popular, as The Junkluggers now have over 50 locations in 23 states.

Junkluggers of Berks, Lancaster, and Chester

We wrapped up a GMC pickup truck for one of their newer franchises, right here in Pennsylvania! Their Berks, Lancaster, and Chester County (BLC) location is based in Sinking Spring, and services West Chester, Wyomissing, and more! This location offers a slew of junk removal services, like e-waste recycling, estate cleanout, and more! They partner with charities like Habitat for Humanity and Hope Outlet to give “junk” a second life.

The Junkluggers Fresh Wrap

Since The Junkluggers is a national franchise, we did have some branding guidelines to follow, but we still wanted to give this new location a unique and eye-catching wrap. Our formula was simple: Bright “eco-green” + bold graphic patterns + typographic logos = a killer wrap.

The pattern we used on this wrap highlights just some of the items that Junkluggers will lug, donate, or ethically recycle. Some of the standouts are couches, lighting, and old electronics. We kept the sides of the wrap fairly simple to balance out the business of the pattern. A pale green was used to make their logo and tagline stand out, and it also added emphasis to the QR code on the tailgate. We included important contact info like their phone number and URL in black boxes for maximum impact. They were strategically placed to fall along the natural body lines of the vehicle so they didn’t seem out of place.

We love The Junkluggers sustainable solution to an all-too-common problem. We were honored to help their new location turn their truck into a rolling billboard. Are you looking to do the same to your company vehicle? Request your FREE wrap quote from IDwraps today here!

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