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3 Key Elements to Include on Your Advertising Wrap Design

If you’re reading this, you are on the right track to making an excellent outdoor advertising investment. Not only are vehicle wraps an effective marketing tool, they are also one of the most functional advertising mediums out there. Effective advertising wrap design can generate more leads than a costly (and stationary) billboard. Many companies already have a few vehicles that can be made into rolling billboards. Vehicle wraps also boast one of the lowest cost per month for out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

Effective Advertising Wrap Design Tips

Like any medium, there is a method to creating an effective advertising wrap design. Since vehicle wraps are almost always on the move, smart typographic hierarchy is a must. You have to plan your design to make sure you are emphasizing what your customer NEEDS to know. Use these tips in conjunction with our fleet design tips and top wrap trends to create killer custom wrap!

1.) Company Identity

Your company identity is arguably the most important piece of information to include on ANY advertising material, and vehicle wraps are no different. What’s the point of creating a visually stunning wrap if no one knows who you are? Some companies have a typographic logo that includes their company name, others have a graphic or icon-style logo. If you have a graphic logo, make sure your company name is a major feature on your wrap to reinforce brand identity.

2.) Key Contact Information

Contact information, like a phone number, is another key element to include in your wrap. Picture this: you’re sitting in rush hour traffic, and you see a vehicle wrap for a roofing company. This is AMAZING for you, because you’ve been looking to replace your roof for quite some time. You decide to take advantage of the traffic and give them a call to get some more information…but you can’t seem to find a phone number? Would you give that company your business? Probably not…so don’t make the same mistake on your advertising wrap.

You can skip your email address, and it’s generally okay to not include social media handles (this varies based on your industry and target market). However, it is imperative to include your business phone number on the driver side, passenger side, and rear of your vehicle. Potential leads are everywhere, and you need to be sure they are able to reach you.

3.) List of Services

A brief service list will make it easy for potential customers to identify what services you specialize in. The key to highlighting your services without looking like a laundry list is to keep it short, sweet, and to the point. We suggest limiting yourself to 3 bullets MAX. There’s limitless ways to go about this, check out check out a few examples below.

Tom Morrissey features their industry in their logo, and uses a subdued service list that discusses their specialty.

Tom Morrissey highlights the fact that they are in the TV & Appliance industry by featuring it boldly in their logo. They then clarify that they specialize in sales and service in a more subdued bulleted list lower on the vehicle.

Agosto Plumbing & Remodeling offer a wide range of home renovation services, so they simply stated their specialty right in their name. By using contrasting red text, anyone can easily tell what industry they serve.

Agosto Plumbing and Remodeling makes their services known right in the company name.
Blue Ridge Communications included a service list in a creative way by utilizing icons that relate to their main services.

Blue Ridge Communications added a dash of creativity to their service list by “bulleting” their specialties with graphic icons. The contrast of the angular design and round icons draws instant attention to their list.

What Else to Consider

In today’s digital age, it’s a good practice to include your website on the wrap. Beyond legitimizing your business, 81% of consumers research companies online before making a purchase, so it’s key to make your online presence accessible (yes, even on offline media). Some companies even include QR codes that link to their home page or another landing page, but the verdict is still out on the effectiveness and usefulness of QR codes in wrap design.

Like we mentioned before, including your social media information is dependent on your industry. If you have a food truck, you should definitely have them (maybe even create a unique hashtag and use one side of your trailer as a photo op!) If you are in the HVAC industry, it’s probably not needed, and will likely clutter up your wrap design.

Vehicle advertising wrap design doesn’t come easy, even to the most seasoned designers, which is why IDWraps has a team of professional designers, who are experienced in designing vehicles! We begin our process with a wrap design survey and design conference to zero in on your brand’s needs and design expectations, and then our designers do the rest! Looking to turn your fleet into effective OOH advertisements? Contact us for your FREE quote today!

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