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4 Ways The 3M Ceramic Coating is Changing the Industry

Ceramic coatings have taken the auto-spa world by storm in recent years, but have never been approved for use on vinyl wraps. Now, industry leader 3M has come out with their own ceramic coating to meet this need. Their proprietary formula is the first that can be safely used on paint, glass, PPF, vinyl, wheels and plastic trim. While 3M is the go-to for ceramic coating vinyl, it’s the best choice for any areas on your vehicle you want coated.

1.) Simple and Fast Application

As the sole method of transportation for many, we understand that you can’t be without your car for days on end. 3M’s ceramic coating can be installed on most vehicles in just one day. Their unique formula and applicator allow for one of the fastest application times among ceramic coating options. Best of all, their coating has the fastest curing time in the industry. This means your car will spend less time in the shop, and more time on the road.

2.) Enhanced Durability

Like all ceramic coating options, 3M’s coating provides unmatched protection of your vehicle. The hydrophobic coating enhances water beading, which not only provides a high gloss finish, but also carries away dirt and dust. The surface coating also protects your vehicle from contaminants that would normally be detrimental to your paint or vinyl wrap. Unlike other wax treatments, 3M’s ceramic coating can last up to 5 years without breaking down in nearly any environment.

3.) Treatment Options

3M understands that there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to ceramic coatings. Their coating can be done in 3 different tiers.

The Premier option is the top of the line service, which will last up to 5 years with proper care. The initial treatment is two layers of 3M’s ceramic coating, which offers maximum protection from dirt, debris, and other contaminants.

The Deluxe treatment is a single layer of 3M’s ceramic coating, which lasts up to 3 years and forms a barrier that increases water beading and allows for easier cleaning of contaminants.

Finally, you can go for the basic treatment, which is a single application of 3M’s ceramic boosting spray. The boosting spray lasts up to 6 months, and makes maintenance easier than on a non-coated vehicle. The Premier and Deluxe options require an annual check-up and application of the Ceramic Boost Spray for maximum durability.

4.) Wrap Protection

The one thing that really puts 3M’s ceramic coating a cut above the competition is that it can be applied over vinyl wraps. Whether you have a color change or an advertising wrap, this coating will help protect your investment for years to come. 3M’s ceramic coating can eliminate the need for wrap spa services when applied on new wraps. When you mix a Premier ceramic coating with our UV resistant laminate, you end up with a wrap that’ll look fresh and new in 5 years!

The ceramic coating can also make caring for your wrap easier, as it prevents contaminants like tree sap and bird droppings from coming in direct contact with your wrap. Plus, the water beading technology means road debris slides right off with no harsh scrubbing!

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