diamond blue


diamond blue


All Aboard the Magic Speech Bus!!

We finished up the month of May with a garage full of rainbows and clouds when The Magic Speech Bus pulled through our doors. The Magic Speech Bus, based out of Eastern Berks County, is a mobile speech and language therapy bus that helps children with a variety of speech issues, by meeting them wherever they may need. Their owner, Kristin, a speech-language pathologist, works directly with the children through games and activities to help improve their speech and language skills.

The design needed to be colorful, fun, and nurturing for children who seek comfort beyond its doors. Our designer, Alex, worked with bright colors, and whimsical elements to bring this design together. The primary color gradient was the perfect background to highlight the rainbow and puffy white clouds. View-through window film was used on the passenger side window to create a seamless look, while keeping an element of privacy for riders.

Installation was a breeze, and once the van was all wrapped up, we finished it off with a ceramic coating to protect the material and keep the van looking its most enchanting!  “Seat belts everyone!” The Magic Speech Bus has left our doors and is back to “bringing the magic of communication to you!” 

Lets Get Wrapping!