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diamond blue


Summer Means New Windows of Opportunity

With premium 3M vinyl, just about every surface you see has the opportunity to become something new– to promote, to advertise, to coordinate, or to simply spark joy. Everywhere you look suddenly becomes a billboard space for your business or your artistry. When it comes to the architecture of your building, one of the greatest spaces to utilize is your windows. These smooth, flat surfaces are ideal for graphics- application is easy, removal leaves your surfaces clean, and the impact they can make is powerful.

We’ve recently begun the journey of giving our own branding a refresh, and in the process, we decided that it was time to make the jump and refresh all of our window graphics on the building. For our own purposes, our view-through architectural window perf is the perf-ect tool for the job! This allows us a bit of privacy in our spaces, while still being able to see out of them, and it works to advertise on the exterior at the same time!

OAA Orthopaedic Specialists recently made the plunge into doing the same, but with utilizing a couple of different graphic applications to serve different functions. OAA used view-through window perf in key areas to allow visibility from inside, and sunlight to still reach inside, and used frosted glass material to provide elements of privacy from inside to out. In other areas, where they wanted the primary function of their windows to remain the same, they utilized print and cut spot graphics, for maximum visibility.

OAA utilized a blend of frosted, perforated, and cut vinyl window graphics for their new location.

No matter the desired affect, vinyl can get you there, and can offer functional branding, and artistic expression. Window graphics have endless, customizable opportunities for your business’s needs, can transform a space, and take the “pane” out of advertising!

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