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diamond blue


Fiery Fresh Firetruck Wrap

Did you know that our commercial wraps aren’t just for cargo vans or pickup trucks? Our top-of-the-line materials and talented team of installers can give any vehicle a facelift, even a 44 foot fire truck! Last summer, we transformed an old truck for Delaware Water Gap’s fire department, and this year we’re doing the same for the Forest Volunteer Fire Department out of Hawley, PA. Their firetruck wrap was one of our most unique projects to date, from body sanding to a multi-layered wrapping process, you can definitely say we sweat the details!

Fresh new firetruck wrap, lined up for a glamour shot!
Side by side of the new firetruck in different lighting.

Forest Volunteer Department came to us because their paint was failing and had started to bubble up. Our team got to work sanding the truck down to bare metal to have a smooth surface to wrap over. This was an extra step above and beyond the typical process, but the results truly speak for themselves. This transformation may be subtle, but all the small details on this project completely refreshed their truck! 

Reflective 3M vinyl shining bright at dusk.
Real 22K gold leaf vinyl lettering.
The bright cherry red vinyl on the roll up doors brings consistency to their fleet of rescue vehicles.

What’s a firetruck without reflective stripes? We used premium 3M Reflective wrap film on the stripes and truck number to make sure this truck is seen, even late at night.

This is a wrap that’s worth its weight in gold. We replaced all the old gold striping, in real 22K turn gold.  Just one more detail that separates this firetruck wrap from the rest.

We swapped their deep red out for a bright, cherry red color change film that better matches the rest of their vehicles. In this photo, we wrapped the roll up doors in 3M vinyl.

Lets Get Wrapping!