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Defrost Your Brand with Vehicle Wrap Advertsing

Is your fleet suffering from brand freeze? Outdated, dingy, or bland branding? Let us turn up the heat on your fleet! From design and production to installation management, IDWraps has the proven systems to take your vehicle wrap advertising from frozen to chosen!

So often we encounter branding that is frozen in time. This can date your company at best, and instill a sense of distrust within viewers at worst. It’s a good idea to take a step back and view your brand image with fresh eyes every few years. By seeking to evolve, embracing innovation, and understanding your target audience, we bring clients out of the ice age and into the new age!

74% of consumers say vehicle wrap ads have a greater positive influence on their opinion. Vehicle wraps generate up to 600 impressions per mile. 78% of consumers say vehicle wraps create a positive image for the company. Vehicle wraps cost less than $0.77 per 1,000 impressions.
Wrap statistics provided by Gitnux

Compared to traditional advertising routes, the impact of a wrap is obvious. A well-designed vehicle wrap can attract attention and generate curiosity among viewers. This makes you more likely to be noticed and remembered. Unlike traditional advertising that has a fixed duration, a vehicle wrap advertising provides ongoing exposure for as long as the wrap does. And ultimately, a wrap can defrost your brand and heat up your sales!

With inflation up, prices up, and anxiety about the future up, times are tough. The weakened economy is casting a shadow of uncertainty over many businesses, who are struggling to pull the numbers they once did. In this challenging economic climate, brands must adapt their strategies to navigate this downturn and maintain consumer engagement. Standing out from the crowd is more important than ever- and good branding can make all the difference!

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