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Mental Health Buses Making Moves in Schuylkill Co

The Schuylkill County Mental Health Developmental Services Office has teamed up with the Schuylkill Transportation Systems to use their public transport buses to help raise awareness on mental health issues and the importance of providing help. They’ve recently reached out to us to transform their six-bus fleet to spread their message throughout the community- that “Mental Health is Health”.  Their goal with the buses is to spread awareness for suicide prevention and provide assistance for drug and alcohol related issues to those who need help.

Our designer, Alex, was happy to take on the challenge. She said it was “Great to work on something that helps out the community!”. Each of the six buses has a theme, such as “anxiety”, or “Mental Health”, and Alex then got to work on six designs that were distinct but that still felt cohesive when brought together. Their goal is to reduce mental health stigma and provide community-based support through the bus campaigns. So, the designs focus on providing various support hotlines, words of support, and positive messages to those who need help. To capture attention, opening questions were posed, such as, “How do you feel today?” and “Are you Struggling?”.

The buses just finished getting their shiny new wraps this week, completely transforming the fleet! So, with the weather finally beginning to heat up, and spring peeking its way around the corner, be sure to look out for their heartwarming messages driving around Schuylkill County!

Lets Get Wrapping!