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Brand Development: From Concept to Curbside

The impact of a good logo can make all of the difference (something our designers know all too well!). A treat for our designers is being able to start from scratch and work collaboratively on brand development. Enter StrEAT Snacks & Entertainment, a vibrant venture that aims to bring food and fun to the street corners of NEPA and NJ. In addition to their snacks, they can also bring out games, karaoke, a photo booth, a dance floor, and more! StrEAT Snacks worked with our in-house designer, Rob, to develop a logo and brand identity that screams fun, and is totally unique to them!

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Every successful logo embodies the essence of the brand it represents. For StrEAT Snacks, it’s about more than just food- it’s about the experience. Owners Nina and D Washington and their team wanted the logo to be big and bold, and their trailer wrap to bring the energy! With our brand development package, Rob designed a full horizontal logo and stacked logo, along with bundled elements and multi format media with unlimited licensing. To achieve their look, Rob used bright colors, cartoon snack elements, and graffiti style text. He then used multi color motion lines to bring a fun pop that really brought everything to life!

Once Rod nailed the brand development, he translated it seamlessly to StrEAT Snacks' concession trailer.

To make the most of the space on the trailer, Rob used a combination of full coverage and spot graphics that tie everything together. Our installers then took the reigns and got this project all wrapped up. StrEAT Snacks was on their way and coming to a StrEAT near you soon!

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