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Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Advertising Wrap Design

When purchasing a vehicle advertising wrap, you want to be sure you’re making the most out of your investment. For this, having a good design makes all of the difference. In this industry, a good design should not only follow the principles of design, and effectively advertise, but should also take into account its surface.

A well-rounded branding identity will make the vehicle design process run all the more smoothly. An identifiable, simple, but eye-catching logo, a cohesive color palette, and established company verbiage can go a long way in creating that identity. Bringing all of these elements over to the wrap is only natural, which should ensure the wrap embraces the energy of its brands identity.

Advertising Wrap Design Guidelines

The main focus of a good advertising wrap should be your logo and your company name, so placement of these elements on the vehicle are key. Contact information such as your phone number or website are common, but aren’t 100% necessary if you have a strong web presence. Your company name will stick in potential customer’s minds if it is the cornerstone of the wrap design. All it will take is a quick Google search for them to find you!

If room allows, a catchy slogan may also be a useful way to set you apart from your competitors. However, keeping the design simple and clean, without too much clutter, should be above all else. Elements like QR codes, long service lists, and social media handles can muddle your design and make it harder for viewers to focus on the most important element- your brand.


  • Make your company name and logo the focal point of the design.
  • Keep it simple! Most people can only recall one element from a wrap they see on the road. It’s best if it’s your company name.
  • Use a unique color palette, mascot, or short slogan to set you apart from the competition.


  • Stray from your existing brand identity, current and potential customers should be able to instantly identity your brand no matter where they see it.
  • Add too many extraneous elements like QR codes or long service lists.
  • Ignore obstacles like door handles or emblems.

An effective vehicle wrap design will work well from an advertising standpoint but should also work well from an installation standpoint. Sometimes things that look great on screen don’t quite translate to a real vehicle. Vehicle advertising design doesn’t come easy- even to the most seasoned designers. This is why IDWraps has a team of professional designers, who can zero in on your brand’s needs and create an effective vehicle advertising wrap design!

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